kern/71424: user-ppp broken again - maybe xl(4) or ng_* bug?

Matthias Andree matthias.andree at
Mon Sep 6 20:30:31 PDT 2004

OK, this is a consequential error, the dependency information in the
baseline code is incomplete so that netgraph users don't get recompiled
or relinked. This /usr/src/UPDATING entry is incomplete, it should list
the full source path to enter for "make clean all install" and all
affected utilities and should drop the word "slightly":

        Netgraph changed its message format slightly to align the data
        portion well on 64 bit machines.
        Netgraph using utilities (e.g. ngctl, nghook, ppp, mpd,
        pppoed, bluetooth, ATM) should be recompiled when a new kernel
        is installed.

After manually fixing this up, user-mode ppp works for me with the
limitation shown in kern/69133, which persists.

Please add proper dependency information to the base system so that
ngctl, nghook et al. are automatically recompiled after the message
format change. Thank you.

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