kern/71226: processes list is broken

Sergey Akifyev asa at
Wed Sep 1 02:01:31 PDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-09-01 at 12:30, Seva Gluschenko wrote:
>  >>
>  >> Yep, they're in fact zombies, but I have no much interest to kill their
>  >> parent:

Daemon-zombies... Looks like a poltergates :)))

BTW, killing init would be helpful. If processes will not die this way,
you will see error message on console during shutdown.

>  > 
>  > And what do you expect from FreeBSD?
>  I can't understand your question here. Did you notice the parent, 
>  /sbin/init? Isn't the job of init to finish zombies? The process isn't 
>  actually running, ktrace produces zero lentgh file - but somewhere in 
>  kernel (?) it is considered running - why? If it is kblanscrn.kss who 
>  sucks, why it doesn't even do NOOP?

But, I think you understand my initial question: I suspected bad-coded
parent process. Now I see this is ps or kernel failing.

So, a couple of diagnostic tests:

1) check if zombie-structures was allocated in kernel
# vmstat -m|fgrep zombie

2) what is your threading library in /etc/libmap.conf ? Whatewer it is,
try to change it and look what happens. (I suspect KSE-related problems)

3) what does sockstat think about theese processes?

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