Please update mod_watch to 3.18 for Apache 1.3

David A. Koran dak at
Tue May 4 10:35:37 PDT 2004

I believe the recent errors I'm encountering is a result of the version 
in the ports tree being a few revs behind.

It's currently at 3.12, and it's site 
( lists current as 3.18 with a 
number of bug fixes...

critical_acquire() failed: No space left on device
critical_release() failed: No space left on device
[Tue May  4 13:28:49 2004] [crit] (28)No space left on device: 
shGetLockedEntry(8846908, "") failed in watchUpdateHash()

uname -a
FreeBSD my.domain 4.10-PRERELEASE FreeBSD 4.10-PRERELEASE #25: Mon May  
3 15:53:16 EDT 2004     root at my.domain :/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/CONFIG  i386

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