i386/61545: 5.2 release cannot see NIC on Dell 1750

Volker Stolz vs at FreeBSD.org
Tue Jul 20 07:42:09 PDT 2004

Synopsis: 5.2 release cannot see NIC on Dell 1750

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>From submitter:
The NIC's are Broadcom I beleive.  Off the top of my head I cannot remember
what the number is but I will find out for you.  The server is currently in
service at a school customer of ours and they are on vacation until he end
of the month.  I do not believe that it is a problem with the NIC itself
but chipset recognition that is the problem.  The system is running fine on
4.9 Release at the moment if that helps you any.  Let me know if you have
any other questions.

I believe the problem is not the NIC itself but the host to PCI bridge that
is not being recognized therefore the system cannot even see the NIC.
 Currently there is nothing in any of the PCI slots the NIC (2 of them) is
integrated into the mother board.  I looked up the details on the
motherboard and the chipset is a Serverworks GC LE with 2:1 memory
interleaving.  On the general questions e-mail thread it was suggested to
run the 4.9 release instead of 5.1 but we have had the 5.1 running since
early August with ZERO problems on a Dell 1650.  We are replacing the 1650
with a 1750 and I was being lazy and hoping I could just install the kernel
move the config files and be done with it.  Not the case to this point.

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