kern/69319: aue(4) startup panic

Ian Dowse iedowse at
Mon Jul 19 17:40:12 PDT 2004

The following reply was made to PR kern/69319; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Ian Dowse <iedowse at>
To: Scott Mitchell <scott+freebsd at>
Cc: julian at, FreeBSD-gnats-submit at
Subject: Re: kern/69319: aue(4) startup panic 
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 01:32:35 +0100

 In message <200407192324.i6JNOOQt000616 at>, Scott Mitchel
 l writes:
 > db> tr
 > tsleep(c20b3f00,10,c0431b18,0) at tsleep+0x74
 > usbd_transfer(c20b3f00,c044fff4,c036f10d,c20b3f00,0) at usbd_transfer+0x127
 > usbd_sync_transfer(c20b3f00,0,c1df5200,1,c03b784c) at usbd_sync_transfer+0x10
 > usbd_do_request_flags_pipe(c1ecc000,c1ed7f80,c045004c,c0450064,0) at usbd_do_
 > usbd_do_request_flags(c1ecc000,c045004c,c0450064,0,0) at usbd_do_request_flag
 > usbd_do_request(c1ecc000,c045004c,c0450064,f140,10025) at usbd_do_request+0x1
 > aue_csr_write_1(c1df5200,25,0,1,0) at aue_csr_write_1+0x6c
 It looks as if the USBD_NO_TSLEEP hack was accidentally removed
 during the big USB MFC. I believe that this is still needed in
 Bringing it back may just involves undoing the small bits of the
 following revisions that mention that flag, though there might be
 more to it:
 It may be easier to reverse-apply the corresponding revisions from
 -CURRENT and fix the conflicts, i.e.:
 	cvs update -kk -j1.28 -j1.27 if_cue.c
 	cvs update -kk -j1.56 -j1.55 if_aue.c
 	cvs update -kk -j1.40 -j1.39 if_kue.c
 	cvs update -kk -j1.65 -j1.64 usbdi.c
 	cvs update -kk -j1.41 -j1.40 usbdi.h
 	(there is no suitable revision for if_rue.c)

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