kern/70931: panic: page fault at end of boot on Athlon 64 / Asus K8V

Karl Swartz karl at
Wed Aug 25 13:55:58 PDT 2004

> Can you try to setup a Serial Console to get the dmesg output?

I'll scrounge through the dusty bits for a null-modem cable and give it
a try this evening.

> Especially the probe messages of the twe-Controller?

Will do, but I doubt that's related.  With the 4.10 twe driver bugs in
mind, I physically yanked the card from the system and tried booting
from floppies.  Same panic.

> Did you use the same controller when installing with the other Mainboard?


> Can you try the 5.3-BETA?

Do you have a preference for x86 or amd64?  I'll try both if I can.  I'm
also going to run more hardware diagnostics and re-check all of the BIOS

More info tonight.  Until then, thank you for your help.  That's one of
the things I like about FreeBSD vs. the "support" with commercial trash.

 -- Karl

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