i386/69750: Boot without ACPI failed on ASUS L5

Maxim Maximov mcsi at mcsi.pp.ru
Wed Aug 25 11:29:47 PDT 2004

Tilman Linneweh wrote:
> * Maxim Maximov [2004-08-25 10:37]:
>>Well, some tests have been done. My notebook is P4 w/HTT and HTT can't 
>>be disabled in BIOS.
>>1. I built UP kernel of 6.0-CURRENT. It hangs firmly when booting after
> Did you try to disable the apic via 'set hint.apic.0.disabled=1' at the loader?

I'm very sorry. I wrote the wrong string.

CURRENT UP kernel with ACPI hangs after:
acpi0: <A M I OEMRSDT >

CURRENT UP kernel without ACPI panics at the same address/instruction 
pointer as defined in PR.

Maxim Maximov

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