kern/70489: kernel compile bug - ./src/sys/pci/if_wx.c

Simon L. Nielsen simon at
Sun Aug 15 12:06:52 PDT 2004

Synopsis: kernel compile bug - ./src/sys/pci/if_wx.c

State-Changed-From-To: open->closed
State-Changed-By: simon
State-Changed-When: Sun Aug 15 19:06:18 GMT 2004
Close PR since compile problems of the development branches should be
reported to the appropriate mailing list - freebsd-stable at
in this case.

I just did a full world/kernel compile of 4-STABLE (on a 4.10-RELEASE)
that worked fine so make sure that you have fully updated sources (and
not corrupted), a clean /usr/obj and no "funny" options i your
/etc/make.conf file.

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