Install of 5.2.1 amd64 fails

Gabriel Tataranu tgabi at
Sun Aug 8 11:59:32 PDT 2004

Hi all,

I'm having problems installing 5.2.1-RELEASE (amd64) on a test computer. 
The partition phase is OK, the slice phase fails with the message 
"Unable to find device node /dev/da0s1b" (the swap space in this case). 
I tried creating a single slice (2GB), same message different device. 
After creating partitions with FreeBSD 4.10 the install process ended 
Next: sshd fails with several "Bad prime description in line xx", ee 
locks hard, needs to be killed with SIGKILL, vi fails at first key 
pressed "Illegal instruction". The acpi daemon seems to think the 
motherboard is 75 degrees C - verified cool to touch.
On the good side the kernel compiles fine and networking behaves as 

This is what I found so far. As this is a test computer I'm willing to 
give more details and run some code on it.

Some hardware data: AMD64 2800 on VIA K8M800 based motherboard, 2x 512 
MB DDR 400, Adapted 29160 with Seagate 318453LW, Aopen IDE CDROM. All 
hardware seems working fine (run memtest86 fine) and discovered by FreeBSD.

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