Any UPDATE on bug 2002/06/08 kern/39043 Corrupted files on a FAT32 partition?

Austin Wilson bymyhand at
Fri Aug 6 10:20:43 PDT 2004

I have done many searches and it has all lead me back to this bug report. It
looks like any data be transferred to a FAT32 partition either copying to it
from FreeBSD its self or copying to it using a samba share seems to corrupt
the data. I can read from it fine but not put data on it. Here is the link
to the bug report:


And a link for another report:


I am using FreeBSD stable release 5.2.1 and I can't believe this bug is
still around. I have seen reports back from 1999. I would imagine that this
would be a pretty important issue to fix, especially because people are
trying to find a good platform to migrate from a windows network to a
totally unix one. I would really like to use FreeBSD over Linux but if I
don't have this capability it's almost impossible. I know UFS will work with
samba but I am trying to have to portability of the FAT32 files system. If
anyone has any status update on this bug I would be very happy to hear it,
or if there is any schedule to work on it, that would be nice too. 


Thanks a lot







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