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o [2003/04/09] pending/50751gnats-admin Re: ports/50728: Update: update of multim
o [2003/04/30] pending/51648gnats-admin Re: mod_perl2 port can't make package on 
o [2003/05/01] pending/51661gnats-admin Re: make www/rt3 be compatible with www/p
o [2003/05/01] pending/51679gnats-admin Re: wrong dependency on the linux-quake3a
o [2003/05/07] pending/51930gnats-admin Re: fix build on 4.x for net/p5-Net-RawSo
o [2003/05/07] pending/51943gnats-admin Re: fix build on 4.x for net/p5-Net-RawSo
o [2003/05/08] pending/51981gnats-admin Re: PR: docs/37221 && docs/51886: mount_n
o [2003/05/08] pending/51988gnats-admin Re: PR: docs/37221 && docs/51886: mount_n
o [2003/05/11] pending/52063gnats-admin Re: Update: databases/p5-DBD-ODBC
o [2003/05/13] pending/52188gnats-admin Re: (update) devel/p5-Parallel-ForkManage
o [2003/05/13] pending/52203gnats-admin Re: java/jdk13 does not autodetect itself
o [2003/05/16] pending/52334gnats-admin Re: (update) net/p5-DNS-Zone to work with
o [2003/05/16] pending/52335gnats-admin Re: (update) net/p5-DNS-Config to work wi
o [2003/05/19] pending/52424gnats-admin unsubscribe freebsd-newbies
o [2003/05/19] pending/52438gnats-admin GNATS-Notify

15 problems total.

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