fxp driver lockups on 4.8r

Gabriel Tataranu tgabi at belent.com
Fri May 16 15:00:24 PDT 2003

	I'd like to report strange behavior of fxp driver on 4.8r. The hardware 
configuration is:
	- Intel D845GERG2L motherboard (lan on board)
	- Pentium 4 processor and PC2700 memory
	- Adaptec 29160N with Seagate 15k3 drives
	- 3Com 905C nic

Once the system has load on intel nic (on the motherboard) and discs (like 
rsync a large directory from a server) the system locks-up (console becomes 
not responsive), the nic is broadcasting IP storms at full capacity (so hard 
that the network switch lock-up) and the disk LED is solid bright red (during 
regular disk access the LED can be solid red but not so bright).
	The same operation on 3Com card is OK. Same operation on 4.6.2r and 4.7r is 
again OK. The system has no IRQ conflicts.

	I cannot provide a system log since the only way I can restore the system to 
sanity is cold reboot. There are no indication of kernel panics (the console 
just "freeze").

	I can provide other details / run some scripts upon request.



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