ATA problem

Daan Goedkoop dgoedkoop at
Fri May 9 13:56:01 PDT 2003


Sorry that I submit the bug this way, but the problem prevents me from using 

When booting the installer, everything works fine, but after some time I get a 
message like this:
ad1 WRITE timed out ... ???=0 ???=0
ata0: resetting devices...
The longer the installer runs the more of these messages I get, after some 
time repeating three, four or even six times after eachother.

When the system was finally installed, launching the installer was enough to 
start getting these messages again. Because each time I get one the harddisk 
locks up for a few seconds this makes FreeBSD pretty useless for me.

NetBSD, Linux and Windows work fine, NetBSD even on the same disk partition, 
so it really seems to be a bug in FreeBSD.

Another problem I found, was that while installing I made a 5 GB disklabel and 
let FreeBSD choose the partition layout. Now halfway of the complete 
installation the system started complaining that /mnt/var had no more inodes 


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