addition of 'vtnt' term type

Bob Frazier bobf at
Wed May 7 21:29:24 PDT 2003

I recommend adding the 'vtnt' term type to 'termcap'.  I have noticed that
'vt200' performs almost exactly as desired, and the only difference might be
to alter the performance of the 'delete' key so that it deletes the
character under the cursor (and does not merely duplicate the backspace

Using the 'set term=vt200' setting with FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE I was able to
get the arrow keys, page up, page down, end, and home to work as expected
with 'ee'.  I did not try them with 'vi', however.  No other terminal
setting that I tried worked as well.  Unfortunately the behavior of the
background color was not as good as it is for an ANSI terminal, but this may
be unavoidable in order to get the cursor motion capabilites via 'pgup'
'pgdown' 'home' 'end' and arrow keys, and may actually be a compatibility
problem wiht the Windows XP 'telnet' application.

Windows XP 'telnet' has the capability of specifying itself as a 'vtnt'
terminal type via the following:

  set term vtnt

The default emulation appears to be 'ansi'.  However, this doesn't work
properly with applications like 'ee', which is why I wanted to find the best
possible terminal setting.

I was able to modify my own 'termcap' file by adding 'vtnt' along with
'vt200' in the same section.  This setting may be adequate for MOST
applications but I may be unaware of additional 'fixes' needed by 'vtnt'
that 'vt200' either breaks or does not correctly implement, "delete
character under cursor" being the most obvious capability that I would like
to see working.

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