bug or not: freebsd 5.0 can not find netcard

alex_us alex_us at fromru.com
Wed May 7 14:39:30 PDT 2003

I have notebook - Toshiba Satellite 4000CDT
and PCMCI network card - AmbiCom | AMB2100A
I have installed freebsd 5.0
all passed well but my network card were not installed.
When loading freebsd, it writes following in log:

Product name: AmbiCom, Inc. | AMB2100A | Fast Ethernet CardBus PC Card| 1.00 |
Manufacturer ID: 2s020121
Functions: Network Adaptor, Multi-Functioned
Functions Extensions: 0102
Functions Extensions: 0280969800
Functions Extensions: 0200e1f505
Functions Extensions: 0301
CIS reading done
cardbus0: Resource nor specified in CIS: id=14, size=400
cardbus0: <unnknown card> (vendor=0x1317, dev=0x1985) at 0.0 irq 11
cbb0: cardbus card activation failed

Why such occurs?


Best regards,
 system manager ОАО "PBTF"
 e-mail: alex_us at fromru.com
 ICQ UIN# 18374792

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