kern/51654: ata RAID driver

Masachika ISHIZUKA ishizuka at
Fri May 2 17:55:24 PDT 2003

> Synopsis: ata RAID driver
> Responsible-Changed-Why: 
> I have something semilar in a tree here that will hit -current
> sometime soon.

  Hi, sos-san.
  Thank you for mail and modified ata driver in -current very
soon.  As I didn't have -current  environment, I didn't use the
newest ata driver yet, I'll install -current and I'll be enjoy
to it.
  I'm very sorry to define 'ATARAIDSPARE 13' because I didn't
verify the -current ata.h definition of 'ATAGMAXCHANNEL 13'.
  Thank you very much.

ishizuka at

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