kern/55028: The broken FAT12 filesystem causes system panic onFreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE and 5.1-CURRENT

Bruce Evans bde at
Thu Jul 31 00:58:15 PDT 2003

On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, Portnoy Alexander wrote:

> >Description:
> 	The broken FAT12 filesystem (the image is attached) causes
> 	system panic on FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE and 5.1-CURRENT.
> 	It happens when I mount the filesystem via vnode or directly
> 	from the floppy disk and execute 'ls /mnt/floppy'.

This file system has many errors.  It works OK when checked and cleaned
by fsck_msdosfs before mounting (except fsck_msdosfs removes all its
files :-).

I think running fsck on dirty file systems is just as much a requirement
for msdosfs as for ffs.  Neither of these file systems does many
consistency checks so inconsistencies may cause panics even for readonly
mounts, and if either of these file systems becomes more robust then
it is likely to be ffs first.  The crash is just nastier than usual in
this case (for me under 5.1, it hangs in the middle of printing a message).
I may investigate this more using BREAK_TO_DEBUGGER.

msdosfs doesn't have a dirty flag, so fscking for it doesn't work quite
as well as for ffs.  ISTR a PR about merging someone's (Apple's?)
implementation of the dirty flag for msdosfs.  I don't completely trust
fsck_msdosfs and never run it automatically at boot time, but I've
never seen it make things worse, except possibly here where it deletes
everything (due to not being able to create LOST.DIR?) and doesn't fix
the final error ("Invalid long filename entry at end of directory").


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