bin/54784: find -ls wastes space

Andy Farkas andyf at
Wed Jul 23 10:07:15 PDT 2003

>  Other than that, there might be the human problem of comparing the
>  output of 'find' ...

My eyes go bonkers when I try and look at a list produced by 'find -ls'
when files haves sizes of >10k and >100k and >1000k (etc) all mixed in the
same listing. The blocksize field is variable length, printed as the
second field!

Also, 5.1-CURRENT is different like this:

-       (void)printf("%6lu %4qd ", (u_long) sb->st_ino, sb->st_blocks);
+       (void)printf("%6lu %4"PRId64" ", (u_long) sb->st_ino, sb->st_blocks);

What the fsck does "PRId64" mean!


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