misc/54189: DNS resolver should resolve hostnames with underscores

Vadim A. Umanski umanski at panferova.net.ru
Sat Jul 19 00:57:28 PDT 2003

Hi, Mário.

MF> Hi Jonathan,
MF> The problem you submitted is due to mozilla's gethostbyname() own(bad)
MF> implementation. FreeBSD's resolver can deal with underscores in
MF> hostnames without any problem at all. I think you should submit that
MF> problem to mozilla's bug tracking system(yes I succeded resolving that
MF> hostname in FreeBSD 4.8 and 5.1).

   It's not a problem. According to standards, names with underscores
are illegal and should NOT be resolved. In fact, they should not be
used at all! They are not intended to work.

   Nevertheless, in most relisations of DNS servers it works, but in
some (old BIND versions and some exotic ones) it doesn't. I have to
notice once more - it doesn't have to! It may do and it may do not...

You can ask them to implement it, if they'd like they'll do it due to
wrongful but common practice, but if they wouldn't like do do it, you
can't nake them to, 'cause they don't have to!

   I never use such names. Use simething like
my-beloved-home-network-gw.provider.com , that'll do.

MF> Mário Freitas

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