A2DP ?

Iain Hibbert plunky at rya-online.net
Fri Sep 17 09:39:14 UTC 2010

On Wed, 8 Sep 2010, Federico Lorenzi wrote:

> I seem to recall that getting it to work in userspace wouldn't be "much"
> effort. Last I heard, the code for SCO sockets was a bit unstable, but
> worked. You could in theory hook this up to something like gstreamer with
> its sbc codec built in, or write your own program that encodes and send the
> audio data.

The SCO sockets are not required, since A2DP uses RFCOMM to transport data
that I recall

I'm not sure how audio management works in FreeBSD, wether just feeding
the data to /dev/audio is enough or really if you need to make it
available some other way. I have thought of doing something on NetBSD
using the pad(4) driver[*] which would enable a daemon to provide a system
standard audio interface (eg on /dev/audio2) that you can use with your
favourite music player but have been distracted by other things.

I have a pair of A2DP headphones that I can use to listen to music from my
phone and it is kind of nice but I guess that there needs to be remote
control interfaces with different music players too, perhaps they have
them already..?


[*] http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?query=pad&apropos=0&sektion=4&manpath=NetBSD+5.0&format=html

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