Setting up a bluetooth mouse on FreeBSD 6

Eric Anderson anderson at
Fri May 12 01:57:47 UTC 2006

Sean McNeil wrote:
>>From previous emails, I found:
> Eric Anderson's blog at
> I did this and my mouse works, but unfortunately the middle and right
> mouse buttons are reversed.  This is a bluetooth mouse I got with my
> Acer Ferrari lapop.  Movement isn't quite as smooth as a USB mouse
> either, but it isn't that bad.
> Another odd thing here is that bluetooth is enabled in the standard
> build of -CURRENT, but bthidd and bthidcontrol are not.  Will these be
> added in anytime soon?

There is a patch to bthidd (check gnats, but I've attached the one I 
found) to fix that.  I'm not sure what Max's plans are to commit or not, 
but it's a needed patch for sure.

I think (but I'm nobody) that bthidd and bthidcontrol should be enabled 
on current for greater exposure, and then enabled on -STABLE.  I've been 
using it for quite some time, and it's been very solid.


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