Bluetooth Headset or Handsfree profile

Maksim Yevmenkin maksim.yevmenkin at
Tue Jul 19 03:39:21 GMT 2005


> Has any work been done yet on implementing the Bluetooth Headset or
> Handsfree profiles in FreeBSD?  I'd be quite interesting in helping to
> develop it.  If I don't get any responces for a week, I might just start
> working on it from scratch.  I believe the Headset profile is simplier,
> though it supports less features so I might start with that one.

i have the sco support code in my local cvs. so far i managed to receive 
audio data from my plantronics m2500 headset with 3com usb bluetooth 
dongle. i will give it a little bit more polishing and testing and then 
  commit it to -current. it probably would not make it to the 6.0 release.

what exactly are you planning to implement and how exactly would you use 
headset and handsfree profiles on freebsd?

> Also, I saw a mention that one reason FreeBSD doesn't support bluetooth
> audio yet is because the USB subsystem can't do isosynchronous transfers
> yet.  Is this true?

i never said freebsd can not do it. what i said is that i did not know 
how to do it. fortunately, i figured it all out. it is not very obvious, 
but after playing with it for awhile i managed to teach ng_ubt(4) to 
receive sco frames via isochronous transfers.


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