Pinebook Pro instability problem and fix.

Russell L. Carter rcarter at
Thu Feb 20 23:45:28 UTC 2020

Hi Søren,

On 2020-02-20 13:10, Søren Schmidt wrote:
> Hi gang!
> I have been wrestling my Pinebook Pro instability problem for some time.
> The problem was that if I just let it boot it would occasionally hang silently, just lock up totally unresponsive, if I changed the clock speed it would run stable.
> I finally figured out the problem and its actually quite simple.
> On boot we set all the regulators initially to their lowest possible voltage, this in my case is too low to make the little cpu’s run reliably.
> U-boot sets the lcpu voltage to 900mv and speed to 816Mhz, on boot we re-adjust the voltage to 750mv which is too low for my cpus to work reliably @ 816Mhz.
> I’ve added support for the regulator-init-microvolt setting and set that to 900000mv as per spec in the DTS, and that solves the issue.
> Now running all 6 cores with changeable frequencies and no problems what so ever.
> Patches on request if needed…

This is -current I assume.  Do you have Xorg up?  My Pinebook Pro is
sitting on the table waiting for debian-testing to transition from
kernel 5.4 to 5.6 so that, possibly, maybe, X works again.

However, I'd ditch debian with prejudice if I could bring
up X on the Pinebook Pro with FreeBSD.  No need for HW acceleration.
I also don't care much about the camera, microphone, etc.


> -Søren
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