ThunderX Networking

Marcel Flores marcel at
Sat Jul 13 20:46:18 UTC 2019

Hi All,

I had some time to poke around at the issue regarding:

On boot, with 13-CURRENT (r349796) dmesg dumps the following message:

bgx0: Could not find Matching PHY

Which seems to come from here:

Playing around with some debugging output, it seems like the check is falling
through when it checks for matching device names:

But when I dump the string that it’s comparing to, by adding the following above line 196:

device_printf(bgx->dev, "Matching Names: %s to %s\n", phys_name, type);

It seems like the match is very "close", but maybe something minute is getting
in the way:

bgx0: Checking for length and name
bgx0: Matching names: xfi00 to xfi
bgx0: Matching names: xfi01 to xfi
bgx0: Matching names: xfi02 to xfi
bgx0: Matching names: xfi03 to xfi
bgx0: Could not find matching PHY
device_attach: bgx0 attach returned 6
bgx0: <ThunderX BGX Ethernet I/O Interface> mem 0x87e0e1000000-0x87e0e13fffff,0x87e0e1400000-0x87e0e17fffff at device 0.129 on pci1
bgx0: Matching names: xlaui10 to xlaui
device_attach: bgx0 attach returned 6

In particular, it seems to be failing the second part of the check, that
ensure's a "\0" or a "@" after the name.

Could this be an issue with the FDT setup for the thunderx? Maybe something
simple or an indicator of bigger issues?  Am I barking up the wrong tree? Happy
to do any further digging if anyone has any ideas!


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