Stefan Parvu sparvu at kronometrix.org
Sat Feb 23 18:15:16 UTC 2019

> Exactly that's the reason why I'm using ZFS.
> Especially with fragile cards.
> It also is quite a bit faster on cards as it tends to write more linear
> to them and faster writes usually also mean that the cards won't wear
> out as fast as with slow write patterns.

Right. That was my first initial idea to see how ZFS will work using Transcend, SanDisk 
vs UFS. 

How did you get started with ZFS/RBPi ? I suppose you started with vanilla UFs image
and then made that to use a zfs pool ? Is there anywhere documented how one would 
start using ZFS on RBPI3 because I think there are no ready images using ZFS. Right ?


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