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On 2/22/2019 11:24, David Cornejo wrote:
> on the use case - sometimes the reason is "why not?" - the whole idea
> of running FreeBSD on such low power hardware is of dubious utility,
> but it is seriously cool to be able to carry a FreeBSD server in my
> pocket.
True but there are some bad assumptions that people can be led to
believe.  One of them is that ZFS is somehow "more robust" in a
non-power-protected single-provider NAND-flash based storage system.

Uh uh.  Yes, a scrub (or just checksum check on the read) will catch the
"aw crap!" situation where write amplification and read/rewrite hoses
you during a power failure but there's nothing zfs can do to fix it
since there's no second copy available.  If the file that gets hit by
that read/rewrite hosing is /boot/kernel/kernel (or a required .ko, say,
zfs.ko?) then the system still doesn't boot at all.

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