Stefan Parvu sparvu at kronometrix.org
Fri Feb 22 16:18:48 UTC 2019

> People have run a 512MB beaglebone with zfs on sdcard. It surely wasn't
> high performance, and it reported needed some hand-tuning to run at
> all, but it worked.
> There's a lot of mythology about sdcards and what they can and can't
> do, and how supposedly fragile they are.  It's all a bunch of noise you
> can safely ignore.  They're slow, but they're plenty reliable.

Thanks for pointers. I do agree some SD cards are robust nowadays.
In fact very ok. Transcend, SanDisk we are currently using are very ok with
FreeBSD 11,12 different workloads of course on low throughput.

Will need to take some time and dive to ZFS RBPI.


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