Clang segfault on rpi3 workaround using -O2

bob prohaska fbsd at
Tue Feb 19 18:07:44 UTC 2019

The segfaults in clang during buildworld on rpi3 persisted past
r339376, but a hint from
suggested trying CFLAGS=-O2 as a long-shot workaround.

To my surprise, it worked. Three passes were required to
clear the segfaults, but now a -j4 buildworld/buildkernel
cycle runs without error to completion. A test of www/chromium
is underway now, and about half finished with no errors yet,
using r344113.

The github report is more than a year old and notes that
clang was fixed around that time. Is it possible the fix
didn't find its way into FreeBSD?

Thanks for reading,

bob prohaska

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