RPI3 swap experiments, was Re: GPT vs MBR for swap devices

Jamie Landeg-Jones jamie at catflap.org
Tue Jun 26 10:40:15 UTC 2018

Warner Losh <imp at bsdimp.com> wrote:

> > > _vfs_done():da0d[WRITE(offset=51819347968, length=131072)]error = 5
> > > g_vfs_done():da0d[WRITE(offset=51819479040, length=28672)]error = 5
> > > g_vfs_done():da0d[READ(offset=59586936832, length=32768)]error = 5
> > > g_vfs_done():vm_fault: pager read error, pid 823 (tcsh)
> >
> The device is broken if you get this. Period. I don't know if it is
> hardware, or software, but it is not a reliable storage device. Until
> that's fixed, you'll continue to have a terrible experience with it.

[ ... ]

> Sorry to sound so harsh, but the data has been consistent on this for
> everything you've reported: it works for a while, then we get a bunch of
> errors then a reboot. We need to start narrowing down which of these three
> broad classes of root causes it is. I'd rank actual bad thumbdrive last on
> the list. It's a tossup for me between missing quirk and a bug in the rpi
> usb driver that manifests itself only under heavy load. IIRC, you said one
> of rpi2/3 works and the other doesn't, which would suggest a usb bridge
> driver problem...

For what it's worth, I had the same errors on a rpi3 a few months ago, and
eventualy gave up "to sort it tomorrow" - it hasn't been powered on since, but
I still want to get it working.

The system would run fine, but give the vfs errors on the 128GB usb thumb
drive every week - like clockwork, when one of the heavier periodic jobs ran.

I was running the latest CURRENT at the time. The thumb drive works fine elsewhere,
and indeed - did on the same hardware when I test installed a linux install,
and thrashed the hell out of it.

I'll fire it up again - hopefully I'll still have the same results, and with 2
of us, we may find the cause quicker.

(n.b. i never had swap errors, but I can't recall if i ever configured swap on the usb

Cheers, Jamie

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