Status of FreeBSD CAM/MMC/SDIO?

Ilya Bakulin ilya at
Mon Jun 25 15:12:18 UTC 2018

On Sun, Jun 24, 2018 at 12:57:10PM +1000, Patrick Crilly wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone knew what the current state of CAM/MMC/SDIO 
> driver for Raspberry Pi is?

Hi Patrick,
For trying out MMCCAM on Raspberry Pi 3 you need an additional diff:
This adds a completely new driver, SDHOST, that operates a simplified
SDHC controller and uses it to access SD/MMC slot on Rpi3. A full-fledged SDHC
controller is then connected to the SDIO WiFi chip. Then you can use both SDHC
card and SDIO WiFi.
As for WiFi module itself, there is no driver for it yet. The work on the driver
has not started, because the prerequisite change
hasn't been merged yet. I'm unable to provide any ETAs on merging that one, because
it's a pretty big architectural change.

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