Raspberry Pi 2 high interrupts

willecowell at keemail.me willecowell at keemail.me
Wed Jun 20 22:20:51 UTC 2018

I have 4 Raspberry Pi 2's that I have been setting up FreeBSD-CURRENT, and noticed that 3 of them exhibit an unusually high interrupt causing the load averages to be 2.0 on 2 of them and 1.0 on another.
Nothing changes if they are idle or under load (make -j4 buildworld)
I have put the output of dmesg, "systat -vm" and "vmstat -i" in to 2 different pastebin links.
https://pastebin.com/jXLgywRr <https://pastebin.com/jXLgywRr>
https://pastebin.com/N6LBY2H9 <https://pastebin.com/N6LBY2H9>
The 4 Raspberry Pi 2 are identical, only difference between each pair is the Micro SD card.

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