GPT vs MBR for swap devices

Trev freebsd-arm at
Wed Jun 20 00:54:18 UTC 2018

bob prohaska wrote on 20/06/2018 09:55:
>>> /usr/obj is linked to /home/obj

> So traffic for both /usr/obj and swap has to go through da0?
> I'm surprised you aren't seeing difficulties similar to mine.

Yep - and yep, no issues.

>>> Are da0 and da1 mechanical disks, or flash?
>> As above, Emtec USB2 memory keys.

> Sorry, didn't recognize the brand name. A brief web search
> suggests they aren't particularly fast at 4k random write.
> Do you know of any performance data? From what I've seen
> on the web it's rather surprising your setup does not have
> problems as mine does.

I experimented with a bunch of memory keys (Verbatim USB3, Kingston 
USB2, SanDisk USB2, Toshiba USB2, unbranded promotionals from 
conferences etc) and the Emtec were the best performing (although I went 
through two 16GB Emtecs that corrupted from day one within minutes 
unlike the 32GB ones which have now been in use for 6 months).

When I say "best performing" I mean specifically they survived 
buildworlds without any corruption and scored better in the naive 
diskinfo tests.

> Apologies for not thinking to ask earlier, but what
> version of FreeBSD are you using? Right now my test
> Pi2 is on 11-stable, swap usage appears to peak
> at around 140 MB. However, /var and /tmp are on
> flash partitions, not md.

Currently FreeBSD 11.2-PRERELEASE #0 r335242: Sun Jun 17 15:58:33 AEST 
2018 - I've been tracking 11-STABLE and updating more or less weekly.

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