Raspberry Pi Model B (1st vs 3rd gen)

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> Hi,
> On Sun, 17 Jun 2018 15:11:00 -0600
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>> I noticed on https://www.freebsd.org/where.html that there's 
>> download for "RPI-B" (also mentioned at 
>> https://wiki.freebsd.org/FreeBSD/arm/Raspberry%20Pi). It's obvious if 
>> you know the history (it was just the "Raspberry Pi Model B" and not
>> the "Raspberry Pi 1 Model B") or look at the architecture in the
>> download link (armv6) - but since there's now a "Model B" for the 3rd
>> generation of boards, could we do what
>> https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/ has done and add the generation
>> number to any links/descriptions?
> this is a good idea.

Be warned for the nomenclature:

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B V1.1 is Cortext-A7 (armv7, specifically BSM2836)
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B V1.2 is Cortext-A53 (aarch64, specifically BCM2837)

The first is long out of production and various places
that still list 2's "model B" as Cortex-A7 actually ship
the Cortex-A53 variant.



links to:


which describes the original Cortex-A7 version. The "Buy Now"
button gives you selections of places selling the Cortex-A53
variant (V1.2) explicitly and others still listing the
Cortex-A7 variant (V1.1) explicitly, despite what some
ship when you order.

Mark Millard
marklmi at yahoo.com
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away in early 2018-Mar)

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