ARMv8 development board with GICv3

Alexandru Elisei alexandru.elisei at
Wed Jun 13 08:02:33 UTC 2018

On Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 10:30 AM, Emmanuel Vadot <manu at> wrote:
>  A quick grep in the linux dts directory for arm64 give me a few SoC where
> we boot on it :
>  Thunderx and Marvell 37XX.
>  That being said I think you better try with a gic-v2 board as I adviced in
> AsiaBSDCon this year.

I have virtualized the GICv3 controller as it is the newer version and
I would like to validate this version on a board.

GICv2 virtualization was done for the ARMv7 version of bhyve and the
two versions haven't been yet integrated and I am not familiar with
the code, as GICv2 is architecturally different from GICv3.

>  Cheers,
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> Emmanuel Vadot <manu at> <manu at>

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