FreeBSD_HEAD_arm64 - Build #1760 - Fixed

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Mon Nov 23 21:07:34 UTC 2015

FreeBSD_HEAD_arm64 - Build #1760 - Fixed:

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291220 by ngie:
Revert r291170

The mlx5* driver(s) are built [*]/installed separate from the OFED stack thanks
to recent refactoring done in the linuxkpi(4) module.

Always install the manpages instead of conditionally installing them if
MK_OFED != no

* Further refactoring of sys/ofed and linuxkpi(4) is pending to fully divorce
  mlx5* from ofed headers

MFC after: never
Requested by: hps

291219 by emaste:
newfs_msdos: rework error handling for eventual use in makefs

Return -1 on errors from mkfs_msdos() instead of err()/errx(), to
allow different consumers to handle errors as appropriate.

Obtained from:	NetBSD
Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation

291218 by emaste:
Update $NetBSD$ ID

NetBSD mkfs_msdos.h rev 1.3 removed the no-endorsement clause from the
license block, which had already been done in the source I imported in

291217 by markj:
The buffer passed to an sbuf drain callback is not necessarily
null-terminated, so don't assume that it is.

Reported by:	pho
X-MFC-With:	r291059

291216 by andrew:
Use #ifdef to get the file compiling without errors

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