misc/raspberrypi-userland port and xorg-server

Mikaël Urankar mikael.urankar at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 10:00:11 UTC 2015

2015-11-17 9:57 GMT+01:00 Eugene M. Zheganin <emz at norma.perm.ru>:
> I decided to try to build the x11-server/xorg-server port and it's
> dependencies (like graphics/libexpoxy) against misc/raspberrypi-userland
> libraries.
> From your questions though I understand I'm doing something wicked. Are
> you saying there's more support to Raspberry Pi in 11-CURRENT and I
> should use it, not the 10.2-STABLE ? All I need is the ability to play
> video on a Raspberry Pi, thus I need a support for GPU. Still I don't
> understand how can I get it if the ports tree is linking against general
> ports versions of graphics/libEGL and graphics/libglesv2, not the
> misc/raspberrypi-userland libraries. Could you please clarify this for
> me ? I'm hoping to use the still not commited multimedia/omxplayer or
> multimedia/kodi with the patch that Mikael Urankar gave me.
> As about my tries to build the xorg stack against misc/raspberry-pi
> libraries, I'm getting this on modified (I commented out the EGL and gl
> requirements) ports tree:
> # make
> ===>  Building for libepoxy-1.2
> /usr/bin/make  all-recursive
> Making all in include/epoxy
> Making all in src
> /usr/bin/make  all-am
>   CC       dispatch_common.lo
> In file included from dispatch_common.c:103:
> In file included from ./dispatch_common.h:48:
> In file included from ../include/epoxy/egl.h:46:
> In file included from ../include/epoxy/egl_generated.h:10:
> In file included from /usr/local/include/EGL/eglplatform.h:110:
> In file included from
> /usr/local/include/interface/vmcs_host/vc_dispmanx.h:33:
> In file included from /usr/local/include/interface/vcos/vcos.h:114:
> In file included from /usr/local/include/interface/vcos/vcos_assert.h:149:
> /usr/local/include/interface/vcos/vcos_types.h:38:10: fatal error:
> 'vcos_platform_types.h' file not found
> #include "vcos_platform_types.h"

You can put this line in the Makefile:
-I/usr/local/include/interface/vcos -I/usr/local/include/interface/

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