HEADS UP: Cavium ThunderX support in the tree

Zbigniew Bodek zbb at semihalf.com
Tue Nov 10 08:45:05 UTC 2015

2015-11-10 3:18 GMT+01:00 Ed Maste <emaste at freebsd.org>:
> On 6 November 2015 at 11:23, Zbigniew Bodek <zbb at semihalf.com> wrote:
>> If you watched the youtube demo you should have seen that at first
>> there are no interfaces in ifconfig and then I do iovctl and they
>> appear.
> The command in the video is:
> # iovctl -C -f /etc/iovctl.conf
> but as far as I can tell the contents of /etc/iovctl.conf aren't
> shown. Can you post them here?

Hello Ed,

The most basic file example for 3 VNICs:

  PF {
        device : "vnicpf0";
        num_vfs : 3;

You can of course set up MAC address too:

  VF-0 {
        mac-addr : "62:73:64:2b:88:c9";

Best regards

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