FreeBSD_HEAD_arm64 - Build #1624 - Fixed

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Sat Nov 7 09:08:20 UTC 2015

FreeBSD_HEAD_arm64 - Build #1624 - Fixed:

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290483 by emaste:
arm64: build em(4) and igb(4) modules

Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation

290482 by emaste:
arm64: add igb(4) to GENERIC

We have em(4) in GENERIC already and so also supporting the related
igb(4) makes sense.

Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation

290481 by adrian:
Add a sched_yield() to work around low memory conditions in the current code.

Things seem to get stuck in low memory conditions where no bufs are available,
the reclamation path is called to wakeup the daemon, but no sleeping is done.
Because of this, we are stuck in a tight loop in the current process and
never run said reclamation path.

This was introduced in r289279 . This is only a temporary workaround
to restore system usefulness until the more permanent solutions can be


* Carambola2, 64MB (and 32MB by manual config.)

290480 by bapt:
Protecting against rm -rf / is now POSIXLY_CORRECT per posix 1003.1
edition 2013. No need anymore to disable the protection if one set
the POXILY_CORRECT environment variable.

Reviewed by:	imp
MFC after:	3 days
Differential Revision:

290479 by cem:
Final follow-up to r290475: Bump __FreeBSD_version

Because we changed sysctl_add_oid(9) ABI, which surely breaks ABI
compatibility for out-of-tree modules.

Sponsored by:	EMC / Isilon Storage Division

290478 by bapt:
Improve soelim(1) manpages

Submitted by:	Sascha Wildner <saw at>

290477 by cem:
Another follow-up to r290475: Bump .Dd in sysctl_add_oid.9

Sponsored by:	EMC / Isilon Storage Division

290476 by cem:
Follow-up to r290475: Add sysctl(8) support for added types

Sponsored by:	EMC / Isilon Storage Division

290475 by cem:
Round out SYSCTL macros to the full set of fixed-width types

Add S8, S16, S32, and U32 types;  add SYSCTL*() macros for them, as well
as for the existing 64-bit types.  (While SYSCTL*QUAD and UQUAD macros
already exist, they do not take the same sort of 'val' parameter that
the other macros do.)

Clean up the documented "types" in the sysctl.9 document.  (These are
macros and thus not real types, but the manual page documents intent.)

The sysctl_add_oid(9) arg2 has been bumped from intptr_t to intmax_t to
accommodate 64-bit types on 32-bit pointer architectures.

This is just the kernel support piece; the userspace sysctl(1) support
will follow in a later patch.

Submitted by:	Ravi Pokala <rpokala at>
Reviewed by:	cem
Relnotes:	no
Sponsored by:	Panasas
Differential Revision:

290474 by adrian:
ath(4) - reflect whether this is a full or fast channel change.

It's no longer "outdoor."

290473 by mjg:
fd: implement kern.proc.nfds sysctl

Intended purpose is to provide an equivalent of OpenBSD's getdtablecount
syscall for the compat library..

290472 by skra:
Set correct code for signal in abort_align() routine.
Remove superfluous printf() and both unnecessary and obsolete comments.

Approved by:	kib (mentor)

290471 by adrian:
[netinet6]: Create a new IPv6 netisr which expects the frames to have been verified.

This is required for fragments and encapsulated data (eg tunneling) to be redistributed
to the RSS bucket based on the eventual IPv6 header and protocol (TCP, UDP, etc) header.

* Add an mbuf tag with the state of IPv6 options parsing before the frame is queued
  into the direct dispatch handler;
* Continue processing and complete the frame reception in the correct RSS bucket /
  netisr context.

Testing results are in the phabricator review.

Differential Revision:
Submitted by:	Tiwei Bie <btw at>

290470 by dim:
Add maintainer entries for llvm, lldb, compiler-rt, libc++ and libcxxrt.

290468 by tuexen:
Use the correct length. The wrong one was too large.

MFC after: 3 days

290467 by bdrewery:
The 'buildenv' target can safely be ran with '+'.

290466 by smh:
Switch zfs_panic_recover to panic for bad DVA

As reported by Coverity a null pointer de-reference panic would be triggered
when zfs_recover was set so switch to straight panic as it can never be

Reported by: Coverity Scan
MFC after:	1
X-MFC-With:	r290401
Sponsored by:	Multiplay

290465 by cognet:
Include opt_platform.h to get FDT defined.

290463 by asomers:
Always check the return value of lseek.

This is a follow-up to r289845, which only fixed one occurence of CID

Coverity CID:	1009429
Reviewed by:	markj
MFC after:	2 weeks
X-MFC-With:	r289845
Sponsored by:	Spectra Logic
Differential Revision:

290462 by mav:
Removed unused malloc types.

Submitted by:	Dmitry Luhtionov <dmitryluhtionov at>
MFC after:	1 week

290461 by jkim:
Fix a typo.  I did not mean it, really.

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