zfs on BeagleBone

Brett Wynkoop freebsd-arm at wynn.com
Wed Mar 11 17:09:47 UTC 2015


Since someone suggested as part of my testing the USB Flash Disk
crashes on my BeagleBone that I try ZFS I have.  At the moment I am
running the same copy operation that caused it to crash on UFS.

I will report on the success or failure in the original thread.

For now these are my zfs settings for the BeagleBone:

# from zfstuning wiki




and this is what I am seeing writing to the zpool:

root at beaglebone:/usr/src/usr.sbin/ypset # zpool iostat 5
               capacity     operations    bandwidth
pool        alloc   free   read  write   read  write
----------  -----  -----  -----  -----  -----  -----
bbexport     149M  14.2G      0      4  6.41K   181K
bbexport     151M  14.2G      0     16  28.6K   312K
bbexport     152M  14.2G      0      6  12.7K   194K
bbexport     152M  14.2G      0      6      0   171K
bbexport     153M  14.2G      0      6  12.7K   201K
bbexport     154M  14.2G      0      8  12.7K   177K
bbexport     154M  14.2G      0      6  12.8K  69.8K
bbexport     157M  14.2G      0     12  12.5K   547K
bbexport     157M  14.2G      0      6  25.5K   152K
bbexport     158M  14.2G      0      6      0   162K
bbexport     158M  14.2G      0      6  12.7K   136K
bbexport     159M  14.2G      0      6  12.8K   164K
bbexport     160M  14.2G      3      8  81.7K   174K
bbexport     160M  14.2G      0      6  3.09K   166K
bbexport     163M  14.2G      0      9  15.5K   459K
bbexport     163M  14.2G      0      7  26.9K   164K

I am shocked it is working at all considering I could not get a 384M
x86 box to run with zfs!



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