What platform do you use?

Tim Kientzle tim at kientzle.com
Sat Aug 9 04:14:10 UTC 2014

On Aug 8, 2014, at 6:35 AM, Paul Mather <paul at gromit.dlib.vt.edu> wrote:

> It would be handy for those of us wanting to cross-build FreeBSD/arm 
> for someone who is familiar with the build process to give a quick 
> example of how to update a FreeBSD/arm installation that is cross-built 
> on another system.

Personally, I use native "make buildworld buildkernel" and
let it run over the weekend.  ;-)

I know a lot of people are happy with NFS mounts, but
here are two other options that may prove attractive
to some people:

* For systems that boot from SD card:
  Cross-build a new system, mount the SD card onto the 
  build host, and then update the SD card image with
       make ARCH=armv6 DESTDIR=/mnt/ installworld

* For BBB that's booting from eMMC:  I've considered
  adding an option to Crochet's BBB images so you can build
  a new SD image, boot from that, then update the installed
  system on eMMC with bits from the SD card.  Such a
  script would complement the existing "copy-to-emmc.sh"
  script which erases the eMMC and copies over the
  SD image.

Re:  several complaints about SD cards and speed.

A good USB reader/writer can bulk write to an SD card
at better than 10MB/s.  (That's a full 1GB image in
about 2 minutes.)  I've used the built-in SD adapters
in various laptops, but those always seem to be really
slow.  It makes a big difference.


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