DTrace/ARM Status Update

Howard Su howard0su at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 14:17:40 UTC 2013

Recently, I bring Gonzo@ original patch to latest head. This is a status
update so far I am:
1. The patch with some minor updates get successfully build. So far I only
work on ARMV6 ARCH support since it is more straightforward due to endian.
2. I get it running in my BEAGLEBONE BLACK board. I think it should work
also for RPi. (but I don't have it to test). the performance provider, sdt
provider and syscall providers all work well.

(All credit goes to Gonzo at .)

3. I am working on FBT support. I can list detect fbt functions. I am
working on handling illegal instruction exception and simulate the patched
# dtrace -l | grep fbt | wc
   18161   90805 1371228

4. next step will be fasttrap support for userland trace.
5. The only issue which blocks to have widely testing is crash which I
reported in this list.

Fell free to email me if you wan to play with it or help.


Howard Su


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