Raspberry Pi EABI test image

Stephen Hurd shurd at sasktel.net
Tue Dec 25 00:00:38 UTC 2012

Warner Losh wrote:
>>> Greeting-
>>> Just changed my devd_enable to yes and all works as I expected with
>>> DHCP.  My rc.conf set up with Tim's script had it off,
>>> but /etc/defaults/rc.conf had it on.
>>> Tim if you are on the list you might want to change that in the script.
>> Or just switch to SYNCDHCP.  No reason to run devd to do something that
>> can be handled just as well without the extra process.
> When you run w/o devd, there are many details that will be wrong with the system that you'll have to puzzle over from time to time. Possible, yes. Trouble Free? no.  The system has been designed to work with devd running, but not with it not running as much...
> Warner

Yeah, I'm assuming that there's a reason it was explicitly disabled. 
The dhcp client and USB keyboard support are the only things I see in
the default devd.conf that could be applicable to a RPi that isn't going
to have stuff hotplugged.

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