interrupt storm on Dreamplug for interrupts 12 and 16

Matthieu Kraus matthieu.kraus at
Tue Dec 11 13:45:45 UTC 2012


I tried updating my kernel on my Dreamplug yesterday (been running  
r228127 so far which worked quite well), however I'm running into  
issues with the ethernet controllers after the update - namely I'm  
constantly getting interrupt storms on interrupts 12 and 16 which  
belong to mge0 and mge1 respecively rendering non-functional.

does anyone have some pointers what may cause it?

the diff I'm running with (old kernel used the same besides the USB  
option to fix the CAM issues) is attached:

the patch for if_mge is pretty old and grabbed from this ML and helps  
against some awful watchdog timeouts I encountered very often, the one  
for cpuvar.h allows to build zfs (I have an external RAID controller  
attached via esata on which my zfs pool resides)

the dts is mostly based off an ultimate-rd one with some adjustments  
based off the settings linux uses
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