ARM EABI patch

Andrew Turner andrew at
Sun Dec 9 03:07:48 UTC 2012


I have attached a patch for testing and review to add support for the
ARM EABI. After applying this patch you will need to update both the
kernel and userland as the interface between them is slightly different.

Most things should still work however there are known issues with GDB,
syslog and devd. Also there may be parts of the base userland that fail
to build if they have been updated recently as the wchar_t type has
changed from a signed int to an unsigned int.

Before merging this into HEAD I would like to move the __aeabi_{d,f}
functions from libc to compiler-rt.

There is a WITH/WITHOUT_ARM_EABI flag to switch the ABI. The default in
the patch is to enable the EABI but it is intended to be disabled when 

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