FreeBSD on Raspberry Pi 512MB (with U-Boot + ubldr)

Mats Mellstrand mats at
Fri Dec 7 16:58:27 UTC 2012


I changed kernel in an image built from r243975 (head) to the one you suggest.

Seems to work fine. I can even use vi(1) from a ssh attached terminal :) 


On 7 dec 2012, at 15:47, "Daisuke Aoyama" <aoyama at> wrote:

> Hi,
>> From time to time the network behaves as frozen and then I get:
>> smsc0: warning: Failed to read register 0x114
>> smsc0: warning: MII read timeout
>> on the serial console
>> After that,  the network works again
> It looks a problem of non-optimized kernel.
> Please try test kernel in the test directory:
> This will become a next time's kernel.
> Because of some problems, the world build is not yet completed...
> -- 
> Daisuke Aoyama

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