LMA != VMA when compiling a kernel

Guillaume Ballet gballet at gmail.com
Sat May 30 13:34:24 UTC 2009

On Sat, May 23, 2009 at 6:43 PM, Rafal Jaworowski <raj at semihalf.com> wrote:
> On 2009-05-21, at 22:18, Guillaume Ballet wrote:
>> I am still working on a port of FreeBSD to the beagleboard, and am
>> currently working on enabling the VM. So far, I have loaded the kernel
>> at phys_addr = virt_addr = 0x80000000, because that is where the RAM
>> is. However, when enabling the VM, I would like the kernel virtual
>> addresses to start with 0xC0000000 as they do on most other platform.
>> Hence, I have been trying to set the ELF file sections' VMAs to
>> something starting with 0xC and the LMAs to something starting with
>> 0x8. It turns out that just setting KERNPHYSADDR and KERNVIRTADDR is
>> not enough >.< If found a way to do this by chaning the script linker
>> and adding AT after each section declaration, and it works fine. But
>> it's tedious, hacky and lots of hardcoded values only work with my
>> platform.
> What exactly are your problems with getting 0xC0000000 as the KVA base? It
> seems that all our current ARM variations follow this route and they all use
> a single linker script, so there shouldn't be major problems doing likewise
> with yet another port..

The problem is not setting 0xC0000000 as the KVA base, it's that when
KVA != KPA, the ELF header creates a file that has KVA == KLA anyway.
Now, as I found out, most of the problems can be circumvented by
setting up a temporary TLB system so that the startup code can still
access its data segments even though the final VM system has not been
The last remaining problem I face is that the loader (not loader(8) at
the moment) needs to know the physical address at which the kernel
must be loaded. But since KVA==LMA in the ELF header, some information
is lost as far as I know. Now, if the loader for other boards is
indeed able to extract that piece of information from the ELF header
itself, I would love to get some pointers to the solution :)

> The loader(8) entity is separate from how the kernel is linked, so I don't
> think that problems with kernel virtual addresses you mention could be
> worked around at the loader(8) level. Kernel linking/mapping should be
> addressed independently of any booting method involved.

I agree, they should :P I am surely not searching at the right
location, but I haven't found anything like a complete loader + boot
stages in the source tree. Where should I look? I wonder if most
system start in locore.S with the MMU already enabled from the loader,
or most of them use the one that is built from scratch in that file?

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