GW2348-2 (IXP420 system)

Jim Thompson jim at
Thu May 31 22:27:13 UTC 2007

Sam Leffler wrote:
> Nathan Whitehorn wrote:
>> (I'm not on the list, please reply directly)
>> I was looking at buying an Avila GW2348-2-CF, as sold by Netgate, 
>> which has an IXP420 CPU. I saw something in the archives from February 
>> suggesting it works with minimal modifications, but wanted to make 
>> sure before buying it. Can someone verify that this CPU and system 
>> work correctly? Thanks,
> I believe Jim demo'd it at N+I last week (running RELENG_6).

Well, the system I demoed was an ixp425 board (that fits in the new 1U 
case that Gateworks was demoing), but yes, RELENG_6 (and CURRENT) run on 
the board, subject to minor changes needed in the RELENG_6 tree.


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