[HEADSUP] Disallowing read() of a directory fd

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Thu May 14 20:17:21 UTC 2020

Kyle Evans wrote:
> Hi,
> This is a heads up, given that I'm completely flipping our historical
> behavior- I intend to commit this review in a couple days' time
> without substantial objection: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D24596
> With this, FreeBSD 13 will not allow read() of a directory fd, which
> could have previously returned some data from the underlying
> filesystem in no particular standardized format.
> This is a still-standards-compliant switch from one
> implementation-defined behavior to another that's already been adopted
> in various other popular kernels, to include OpenBSD, MacOS, and
> Linux.
> Worth noting is that there's not really one largely-compelling reasons
> to switch this after so many years (unless you find yourself that
> irate when you accidentally `cat` a directory), but there are some
> benefits which are briefly discussed in the commentary around the
> review along with the history of the current behavior.
> This change also simplifies filesystem implementations to some extent.
> Thanks,
> Kyle Evans

There is ZERO need for a spurious change at 2 days notice after 42+ years !

"cat ." as been supported since Unix V6 1978 or earlier, 
no problem, even occasionaly useful.

Most FreeBSD users wont have heard of https://reviews.freebsd.org/D24596
(& there's only 5 other people's opinions there, apart from proposer,
& skimming through the impression is far from un-qualified approval.

kevans@ issued arch@ just a couple days notice of intention to commit.
arch@ is also not widely read, ( I jhs@ added CC hackers@)

Many FreeBSD end users won't even be reading hackers@ (some not
even announce@,) & would notice just yet another pointless change
sometime after upgrade.

Do not force all FreeBSD users towards gratuitous change for personal
preference for Linux behaviour.  Switch to Linux, Or hack a
personalised shell on BSD that does what you want when you type
"cat ." If it's later widely popular, use it as proof to re-propose.  No Rush.

A bigger issue is due notice procedure, & respect to FreeBSD stability of code
& users expectations of predictability.
Unwarned playing about would detract from FreeBSD's business image.

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