[RFC] [Optionally] build tests with buildworld

Brooks Davis brooks at freebsd.org
Tue Apr 23 16:59:54 UTC 2013

On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 11:17:50PM -0700, Garrett Cooper wrote:
> Hi arch@ and toolchain@,
>     One of the items that I'm proposing be added to Makefile.inc1 in
> order to make building and installing tests on CURRENT (ATF and
> otherwise) is a build knob called TESTS_WITH_WORLD (the name can be
> modified), which allows me to build and install various tests on my
> git branch like the example ATF tests I produced, pjdfstest, some of
> the prove tests from tools/regression, etc (there are other
> outstanding changes, but this was the key one that I need feedback on
> just to be safe).

I don't understand way you don't use WITH_TESTS processed
through bsd.own.mk.  You'd presumably have to add it to the list of
supported NO_* options for the bootstrap case, but that's trivial.  Then
you use could use normal MK_* variables.  That would also let you use
WITH(OUT)_TESTS in individual directories and they would always work.

At a glance using WITHOUT_TESTS and NO_TEST internally would simplify
some of the special cases in your patch.

On a side note, I like the HMAKE change independent of the rest of the

-- Brooks
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