Bringing service monitoring into base

Tom Rhodes trhodes at
Mon Mar 28 20:30:29 UTC 2011


So a handful of people have reviewed, used, are using, and seem
to like my services monitoring stuff found here:

Up there I have a port (may or not be written correctly);
A tarball of the files; some patches against FreeBSD's rc
to add support for startup and shutdown; and even a Makefile
you can use to install the software.

I've been running it at home on both CURRENT and STABLE for
awhile and it appears pretty solid.  Now I'd like to bring it
into base and let everyone else make use of/modify/improve it.

Unless there are any serious objectionss, I'll pull it in this
coming weekend; perhaps Saturday or Sunday after an update
and yet another build test.  Thanks,

Tom Rhodes

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